Issue 1, February 2016

In this issue of our journal, survivors of childhood sexual abuse have a shared space for their life stories to be published. Beyond the act of taking ownership of their life story by writing their truth, survivors have their stories validated through publication and through being heard by readers. We believe many of our readers will be other survivors of sexual abuse and that some of these survivors will participate in future issues. Although all stories in this issue are from individuals who suffered sexual abuse as minors, our Call for Submissions is not limited to childhood survivors. It is open to all individuals who have suffered abuse at any age.


    Much of what has been said above about survivors of childhood sexual abuse applies to victims of any age. The scars left behind by perpetrators of sexual abuse are not borne solely by their innocent victims. These scars are deeply imbedded within the families of the survivors and within our society. By creating a valid experience-based narrative, survivors of sexual abuse pave the way for our society to rewrite our flawed cultural narrative and to deal with reality.

Out of the Darkness: Freeing the Betrayed Heart
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